Esoteric Symbols

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Esoteric Symbols

The Symbol, as we usually call it, is the conventional representation of a meaning that goes beyond it’s aspect. As an example, the scale representing the justice. The symbol  evokes abstract entities difficult to express and simply depict. Symbols are usually not universally acknowledged, in some cases  we find symbols with a meaning that is understood only by members of a specific group or culture that adopted it. Sometimes the symbol is iconographic, it express exactly what it portrays.

Symbols appeared well before writings  and were a conventional way of communication. In some cases they become amulets, lucky charm or defenders, sometime tattooed on the body,  to drive away negative vibrations, the unknown or wild beast.

In Satanism symbols are the compendium of the basic truths that the adept assume as manifestation of Satan faith. With these visible symbols the members  can easily identify themselves.

In this section we will cover the most important Satanist and Esoteric symbols trying to expose it’s meaning in the most complete way.

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