Hand of FatIma and Hand of Miriam

Wobba-Jack Tattoo & Art Hand Of Fatima Tattoo MeaningThe Hand of Fatima, also called Khamsa is an amulet in the form of open palm used against evil forces, jealousy and evil thoughts. The hand of Fatima is dedicated to the daughter of Prophet Mohammed, known for being a fervent devotee. The use of this symbol is related to legend telling that Fatima, seeing her husband Alì lying with a concubine, taken by jealousy, put her hand by mistake in boiling water remaining unharmed.

For the Islamic women wearing the Hand of Fatima means to receive the gift of patience, joy, fortune and wealth. From a strictly religious standpoint, the symbol is used by both the Jews and the Muslims to represent as well the number five, sacred number for both religions.


For Jews becomes the Hand of Miriam, the sister of Moses; represent the majesty of God and the first five books of the Torah, called Pentateuch, i.e. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.

The symbol is also enriched by writings referring to the blessing prayers. For Muslims the number five indicates the five religion’s pillar: faith, prayer, the pilgrimage to Mecca, almsgiving, fasting. It represent as well the seriousness, patience and moderation. The number also symbolizes the faith and Love of God that must be expressed through the five senses of which every man possesses.

At the center of the open palm it is often depicted a stylized eye, called Mashallah, a talisman against the evil eye and also to invoke the protection of God. This symbol gives as well joy, peace and prosperity. The Hand of Fatima can be represented pointing upward or downward without diminishing the esoteric meaning.

Related symbol meanings: Hand.


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