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Tattoo Care Infographic Wobba-Jack Tattoo & Art
  • After the tattoo completion the skin will be inflamed, hence, during the following two weeks, it is recommended the use of a soothing cream.
  • The protecting film on the tattoo should be removed 8 hours after being tattooed.
  • After removing the film the tattoo area should be washed with a damp paper towel to remove traces of blood, sweat and serum.
  • Leave the tattoo free from bandage to let develop the healing crust, after that apply a thin layer of cream (do not apply too much as the it may damage the colors or the design).
  • If you will be in working areas or dirty environment it is raccomend to use cream or paper towel to protect the tattooed skin.
  • Apply the cream twice a day during the first week reducing the application frequency afterwards.
  • You can have showers 3 days after being tattooed. In the need of anticipating before the 3rd day cover the tattoo with a protective film.
  • Avoid bathing in either pool or sea , it can cause severe infections.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure of the tattoo, it may result in heavy skin burning, especially in summer.
  • Avoid rubbing the tattoo and therefore tight clothing as they can cause soreness and infection.
  • It is normal if the tattoo stays reddish, especially after long and painful sessions, in these cases you may experience tiredness or even fever.
  • It is strongly advised to avoid using cortisone based or antibiotics creams on the tattoo.
  • At the 3rd or 4th day after being tattooed the cuticles will start to appear, they will come off by themselves one by one until the end of the tattoo’s healing process. Do not peel off the dangling cuticles and avoid scratching, you may remove colors or reopen the healing wound.
  • If properly cured a black and white tattoo will heal in 10-15 days while a colored tattoo will heal in about 20 days.
  • Sun exposure will always fade the tattoo, it is advised to use sunscreen.

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