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Animals are amongs the most inked symbols in Tattoo Art. In these pages we listed the most common and more frequently requested. The Animals are divided based on where they live, Air and Wind for the flying ones, Earth for the wolking and runnin animals and water for the swimmers. We will continue adding sybols to the section so please come back to visit it to see the newcomers.


Animal Symbol Meaning


  • Animals symblize Instinctual life; fertility and teeming life; the instinctual and emotional urges that must be transcended before man can enter spiritual realms; passive participation; animal nature in man: ‘We can find no animal without some likeness to man’.
  • Theriomorphism is explained by Porphyry thus: ‘Under the semblance of animals the Egyptians worship the universal power, which the gods have revealed in the various forms of living nature.’
  • Friendship with animals and ability to _communicate with them symbolizes the restoration of, and re-entry into, the paradisal state, the Golden Age.
  • Animals accompanying or helping man on quests depict the different aspects of his own nature, or the instinctive and intuitive forces of nature as distinct from the intellect, will and reason.
  • Animals slain or tamed in myth and legend are man’s animal instincts brought under control. Combat between man and animal can have a prophylactic significance.
  • Wearing animal skins or masks reproduces the paradisal state of understanding and speech between man and animals; it also means access to animal and instinctual wisdom.
  • Funerary animals, such as a lion or dog with prey in its paws, represent all-devouring death. Solar-with-lunar pairs of animals, e.g. lion and unicorn, boar or bull and bear, depict the two contending powers of the universe, positive and negative, male and female, but some animals are interchangeable as solar or lunar according to circumstances, such as the boar and bear.
  • Among the Maori, animals are ‘the ancestral people’.
  • A Mother Goddess is usually the Lady of the Beasts.
  • Siva in his aspect of Pasupati is Lord of the Beasts and statues of these deities appear with cult animals.
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