Wobba-Jack Tattoos

The section is about Tattoos made by Elena. Stay tuned for more tattoos following us on Wobba-Jack Facebook Page.

Tattoo Styles


New School

New School Tattoos are based on the Old School, traditional tattoos strictly bi-dimensional and very little intricate. In the New School the lines become thicker and more intricate with bright colors. They are a kind of freestyle tattoo with cutted letters, edges and many other fantasy graphic forms, and plenty of colors. Fantasy is the peculiarity of New School Tattoos and this is the prevailing style at this time.

Neo Traditional

Neo Traditional Tattoos come from the Old School with thick and heavy lines, saturated colors, very few details and shadows. Not to be confused with the New School tha has a more cartoonist style and fantasy. Examples of Neo Traditional are skulls, coffins, crosses, diamonds etc.


Using fonts in tattoos has always been a popular choice, with a massive amount of font available finding the right one is quite a tough task, Old English, Gothic, Handwriting just to name few. In the Lettering Tattoos the most important thing is the clearness of the single letters, we can often see a tattoo where the artist took the maximum care and others where they did not. Very popular are becoming the ambigrams, a composition of words that can be read from different angles or upside down clearly showing always the same word.


Japanese Tattoos, like the Koi Carp, the Dragon or the Cherry Flower , are rich artworks, very popular and requested. Originated in Japan during the Edo era (1600-1800) they have a flat and bi-dimensional design, like a fabric, and can be inked in color or grayscale.


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